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christian louboutin outlet store Yu Qian and other fashion industry, but also have gains star Yang clothing TOP award. Zhang Yao YIYAD Brief introduction Zhang Yao, female, born in 1980 in Beijing, mainland China singer, film and television actor. In 2000, in the CCTV 'new audio-visual' by virtue of the song 'have you go hand in hand' to win, became popular. In 2001 won the MTV-CCTV music festival newcomer award. In 2002, the release of the first album 'love house'. In 2008, starred in Gu Changwei director of the 'beginning of spring', from enter film and television. January 2013 signed Leroy Entertainment. In 2013, by virtue of the film directed by Zhao Wei, 'We will eventually die of youth,' the excellent performance, access to the fourth annual music festival as the film leap actress. In January 2015, in the Asian influence of the East Festival was '... View Details On October 31, Zhang Fengwei, Secretary General of Shenzhen Underwear Industry Association, visited the Director of Textile and Clothing Department of Hong Kong christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet Polytechnic University, Prof. Xinhao Zhong, and Prof. Yu Yongwen, Director of Yi De Underwear Institute. The two sides exchanged their views on further cooperation. Secretary-General Zhang Fengwei briefed on the recent work of Underwear Industry Association, the industry's joint efforts with the Government's strong support of the underwear industry in Shenzhen has made new achievements. September 26, Shenzhen underwear into the national Ministry of Industry and issued the first batch of 22 industrial clusters regional brand pilot units; in mid-October, organized by the Shenzhen Underwear Industry Association, Shenzhen underwear regional brand national tour - Chengdu station activities, scraping (Shenzhen) International brand underwear exhibition, investment smoothly, there will be a number of new and well-known brands in the exhibition. In addition, a number of well-known brands in the exhibition will be held in May next year, Debut at the meeting. Hong Kong Polytechnic discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet University is an internationally renowned university, textile and garment department at home and abroad is among the best, a steady stream of fashion design training a large number of talents. All along, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Shenzhen underwear industry associations work, China (Shenzhen) International brand underwear exhibition to give a lot of support and help. The two sides reached a consensus on further cooperation. First of all, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will organize textile and garment graduation class students to participate in the underwear industry association by the Shenzhen City held the third 'charm of the East' China underwear creative design contest and the third snow xianli Chinese home service cultural and creative design competition, At the same time will help contest contact, hire well-known foreign clothing university professors and experts as contest judges, to enhance the contest's international influence. Secondly, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University discount christian louboutin